So, if Kate was really mediating the botched engagement/lost ring case for the courts, how would it actually have gone down?

Well, first, the fiancee was asking for $10 million which would have put the case in the General Jurisdiction category, right?

And if a case is in General Jurisdiction, then aren’t attorneys usually required to be present?

Let’s put all that aside, and assume for some reason she was actually mediating for a different court where she didn’t need to have attorneys present.  But then how did Kate get paid?  Let’s say she’s on a court paid mediator panel, which are common in many states and definitely in California.  So, then she would have mediated the first three hours of this case for free.  At which point she would have had to interrupt the mediation, discuss her fee structure, and have the parties agree to her hourly rate before she would continue, right?

If she is mediating a case for the courts but it she is convening the case at Reed v. Reed, do you think she has to pay Reed v. Reed a percentage to rent the office space?