Well, hold your breath no longer, folks.  The announcement has been made.

The USA show Fairly Legal will be  . . . returning!

That’s right, May 3, 2011 USA announced that it will be renewing its new hit show Fairly Legal for a second season.  The show was the top new series of the year among 25-54 year olds, averaging 4.6 million viewers.  Those 4.6 million viewers will need to be a little patient, however, as the 13 new shows will not be aired until the first quarter of 2012.

USA did announce that the show will undergo considerable content changes.  Sarah Shahi reports that she does not believe those changes will affect her character’s personality.  So, could it be?  Might USA change its tone a bit and make some of those mediation scenes, dare I say it, realistic?

The characters are quirky, and they can be a little funny and enjoyable to watch.  Some of the plot lines aren’t that bad either.  I do hope that USA keeps those elements.  I just hope that the changes they make will be too make the mediation scenes a bit more ethical.  Have the mediator uphold her clients’ confidence.

Tongue-in-cheek, USA Co-President Chris McCumber stated, “The show offers a fresh twist on the genre audiences love. There was no conflict in our decision to bring it back!”