Fairly Legal is currently advertising the renewal of its second season. Meaning there are photoshopped pictures of Kate Reed appearing everywhere. 

It also means that mediators across the county are united in a common conversation.  “Is Fairly Legal productive?  effective?” “Is it helping our image with our clients?”  There are good arguments for both sides of these questions.

But what’s more interesting is that mediators are having these conversations.  In a very isolated profession, mediators rarely get to interact over a common topic.  We are occasionally able to join together in a conference, celebrate an author’s recent publishing, or mourn a mentor’s passing.  But rarely do we get to have a continued discussion over something in the country that binds us all together. 

Fairly Legal has its good sides and its bad sides, that is true.  One of the good sides is that we are making connections with other people in our field.  I am receiving emails from people all across the country, reminding me to watch the show, asking my opinion on it, and asking how we can advertise it.  It is wonderful to see so many mediators interested in the same topic.  

Fairly Legal may at times misrepresent our profession, but one thing is certain: Fairly Legal Unites!